Varja Holec, Gregor Mramor & Marko Sorta
About Us
The Law firm Mramor, Sorta & Holec was established in 2004, by joining several attorneys in the limited liability partnership. The team of lawyers has advantage in specialization of each partner for certain field of law and in mastering also newer legal fields (e-commerce etc.). Beside the partners, the company also employes other legal experts (all of them are registered at Bar association of Slovenia) and administrative stuff.

Because of variety of specialisations and a high level of professionalism and expertise and adjustability to client's wishes the law firm can provide full, professional and rapid service to support its clients. All partners speak fluently English, Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian, Mr. Sorta also speaks fluent Italian, Mr. Mramor Russian, Mr. Mramor and Mrs. Holec speak passively French.

The law firm is also a member of European Lawyers group. The ELG is a union of law offices from different European countries, whichs goal it is to offer to mandators for the most diverse problems abroad comprehensive assistance and support. So the law firm can offer to our clients full support with legal problems abroad through ELG.

The law firm is also cooperating with various law firms from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Monte Negro and Macedonia.

Legal Fields
Each partner is specialized for certain legal fields:

lawyer Gregor Mramor
is covering general civil law, real-estate law, mortgages and damages (insurance law included)

lawyer Marko Sorta
is covering corporative law, insolvency law and labour law,

lawyer Varja Holec
is covering criminal corporative law, tax corporative law and consumer's law for companies.


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Mramor, Sorta & Holec o.p. d.o.o. Ljubljana – Law firm Mramor, Sorta & Holec o.p. d.o.o.
Komenskega 4,
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija, EU

T: +386 059 937 700
F: +386 059 937 699
M: +386 40 726 611
E: info@msh.si
W: www.msh.si

ID number: 2132214
VAT number: SI82115583

Bank account: Banka Koper d.d.
No.: 10100-0038820462




















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